Some background information on the project.

What is a Wiki?Edit

Wiki is an Hawaian word meaning quick. It relates to a type of software that uses a simple markup language that can be learnt in a few minutes. This simplicity means that editors who would normally be put off writing for the internet can write one minute and see their text the next. It is an ideal format for collaborative projects.

What is a Collaborative Project?Edit

A Collaborative Project is a web project where many editors work on a site at their own pace, to their own expertise. The uniting thing is that all the editors share a dream. In this case it is to create an Art Wiki.

What is Art Wiki?Edit

Art Wiki is a wiki project that aims to bring together a collection of articles about art. This wiki is not an encyclopedia of art - Wikipedia has thousands of editors working on art related articles. The aim of this wiki is to group together articles which would not meet the notability guidlines of Wikipedia.

What Articles are Acceptable for Art Wiki?Edit

Articles for Art Wiki can be academic or informative. Articles can be about a great classic painter or an up-and-coming artist. Classic forms of art or developing forms of art.

As a thumb rule consider:-

  • New Artists should at least have some presence already on the web with examples of their work. This could be as simple as a blog or a reveiw by a local newspaper or gallery.
  • Academic articles should be concise, not too wordy and where possible use images to illustrate them. We are not Wikipedia, and notable articles are best suited to the Wikipedia Arts and Artists Project.
  • Images must be compatable with's GFDL licence. The creative commons licence 2.5 is appropriate, but please note that this is a commercial site and may be mirrored on other commercial sites, so that the CC (non-commercial) licence must not be used here.
  • Articles must be your own work and not violate anybody elses copyright. Copyright violations are intellectual theft. It is always and much more rewarding to rewrite somebody elses text in your own style and use the original author as a source of your article.
  • Art Wiki is not an example of writing as Performance Art. Articles should succinct and to the point giving the reader information, not a demonstration of the editors own form of art.

Useful ToolsEdit

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