duffen on cover of The spoken image cubist picture by Hockney of duffen hitchhiking in front of the Hollywood sign

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David Hockney and Duffen Cory 2013

Duffen with blue eyes

Duffen Cory by David Hockney 1997


Cover page in book HOCKNEY'S PEOPLE

James Ostrowski
(born May 8, 1960) is a magician and American artist, based in Chicago, Illinois. James also known as Duffen Cory is recognized in the United States and United Kingdom for his close up magic and his famous association with David Hockney, who painted him several times and who also did extensive rare commissioned photo work of him for a 1985 Vogue Paris issue.

Duffen Cory by David Hockney

Duffen has appeared in numerous articles including the Hollywood Reporter and has been cataloged by David Hockney in several books. Other artists with whom Duffen is associated with in the United Kingdom are Andy Bell and Vince Clark of the Tech-Pop crossover group Erasure. Other artist who Duffen has performed close up magic for would include Shelley Winters, Justin Timberlake, Woody Harrelson and famous film director Billy Wilder of the smash hit film from 1950 SUNSET BOULEVARD staring Gloria Swanson.


Publication for verification/ ISBN 0-8212-2872-2 title; Hockney's People Image: "Older Gentleman with Young Gentleman" 24" x 36", 1989 - painting in private collection. Amount sold for, $250,000, today valured approx. $1.5 - $1.9 million est. auction Christie's 2017. Also known as "Duffen and Richard Buckle," "Older Gentleman with Young Gentleman" is a rare double portrait by David Hockney (see image below) from his Malibu Series.

Publication for verification / ISBN 1-86189-032-X “The spoken Image" by Clive Scott

Duffen is on the cover of "The Spoken Image" by Clive Scott / famous photo works by David Hockney image of Duffen hitchhiking in front of the Hollywood sign.

David Hockney was commissioned to design the cover of Vogue and a series of 40 pages for the December 1985 issue of the French edition of Vogue magazine in which Duffen appears in a full page bleed, in Steering wheel Hollywood sign circa; 1985

Duffen and dickie

Duffen and Richard Buckle in private collection