This section should introduce the object or person. Make it brief and include mainly key facts.

Infobox example

You may create an infobox to summarise key facts about the object or person. Don't elaborate too much - keep it short and sweet.

Add pictures of the subject to give visual info.


Headers can be added by using the text bar above. You may create as many headers and sections as are appropriate.

This is where you may elaborate on facts.  Give relevant infomation, and remember - there is no limit to how much you can put under one header!


In some cases, especially when talking about an artist or museum, you may wish to add a number of pictures here through the gallery button, under Add Features and Media.

Example PagesEdit

Here are some good pages to help you see the structure of an article.

Chitra Ramanathan

Salvador Dali

Mona Lisa

The Primalists