Georgia O'Keeffe


November 15, 1887


Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

Death date

March 6, 1986


American modernism

Georgia O'Keeffe (15/11/1887 - 6/3/1986) was an American modernist artist.


First and foremost, O'Keeffe is known for enlarged paintings of blossoms and flowers, which many art critics say have sexual overtones. She began painting in the 1910s with watercolor, but moved on to oil paints later on, in the 1920. She is also known for having a long-standing love affair, and later marriage, with photographer Alfred Steiglitz, who took numerous artistic and erotic photographs of her.

In the 1970s, her work became celebrated again by the second-wave feminist movement, citing that her work was the beginning of female iconography, but O'Keeffe rejected this praise and said that her work was not speaking to that fact, but rather showing parallels between animate and sensual forces in human and nature.

She has also created a great deal of work inspired by the landscape of New Mexico, which included photography.