Henri Matisse
Matisse biophoto


December 31, 1869


Le Cateau-Cambrésis, Nord, France

Death date

November 3, 1954


Impressionism, Fauvism

Henri Matisse was a famous French artist. He is best-known for his fauvist works.


Matisse began studying law in 1887, but first started to paint in 1889, when he was recovering from a bout of appendicitis, and his mother brought him paints to give him something to do while in bed. He went to paris in 1891 to study art, which deeply angered his father. He was particularly inspired by the artist Manet, and by Japanese styles of art. In the late 1890s, Australian painter John Peter Russell introduced Matisse to impressionism, and to the work of Vincent Van Gogh, which greatly inspired Matisse.

He began his fauvist works in 1900 and it continued until about 1910--the movement was relatively short-lived. During this period he experimented with expressive color, and pointillism. One of the paintings he created in 1905, Woman with a Hat, is a piece he is now very well-known for.