Honoré Victorin Daumier was a French Artist born in 1808. He worked in several different mediums including printmaking, sculpting, and of course painting. Daumier is known for his satirical sociopolitical commentaries, often depicted in his artworks in France during the 1900's. He was also one of the main artists to introduce impressionism into the modern world.

Honoré Daumier
Honore daumier

Date Of Birth

February 26, 1808

Date of Death

February 10, 1879


Marseille, France




Lithography, painting, sculpturing

Life Edit

Daumier was born in France in the city of Marseille. His parents were Jean-Baptiste Daumier and Cécile Catherine Philippe. Due to his fondness for literature and his seeking a occupation in poetry compelled him to move to Paris in 1814. Two years later Daumier started to show huge leanings towards a career in art, and coming from a family of well skilled artists, his hopes excelled greatly. Jean-Baptiste pushed Honore to take on jobs such as an errand boy for a huissier and book-selling. In 1822 he became an apprentice to one of Daumier's fathers friends named Alexandre Lenoir, an archaeologist and artist. After a year of working Daumier was accepted into the Académie Suisse, and took up working for a publisher named Beliard, thus giving his liking to lithography. After mastering the art, Daumier began his artistic career by working for music and anonymous publishers, and as an advertisement illustrator. Daumiers early works in 1830 were leaned towards the revolution in that same year where he expressed his thoughts through art in a satirical fashion.

Notable Works Edit

Some of Daumier's notable works of his painting chronology are Gargantua (1831), The Legislative Belly (1834), Rue Transnonain le 15 de Avril 1834 (1834)The Uprising (1860), The First-Class Carriage (1864) The Second-Class Carriage (1864) The Third-Class Carriage (1864), The Omnibus (1864), Chess-Players (1867), and Don Quixote (1868). Daumier has also a large collection of sculptors as well as paintings.

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