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Help us improve our wiki by checking out About this wiki, Wanted pages, New pages, Categories, Wiki tutorial, Help pages. This is a collaborative project to record open access information to all levels and genres of art. This project is underused and welcomes all kinds of input. Art is inclusive and covers all kinds of art including music and musicians. Art in other languages: Français and Español

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There is a list of wanted artists and artworks that are essential pages needed to make Art Wiki a true art encyclopaedia. Have a look, and if on takes your fancy, why not create it?

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250px-Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, from C2RMF retouched

The Mona Lisa is a very famous artwork by the Renaissance painter, Leonardo da Vinci. Created between 1503-1506, it reportedly shows Lisa Gheradini, wife of Francesca del Giocondo, sitting amidst a mountainous backdrop. It has been stolen from The Lourve in Paris numerous times, most notably by a caretaker of the Louvre.

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Submit your art to the gallery here to showcase it for all Wikians to see!

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Competition of the Fortnight: Michelangelo VS. Botticelli!

The poll was created at 22:37 on September 20, 2014, and so far 15 people voted.

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  • Oilpaintingmall

    Decorative oil painting is did some reasonable exaggeration, vivid metaphor, ingenious imagination, even full of fantasy based on the rich life. as for the performance form, it pays attention on the combination of multi-space without restriction of time and space, it could put different times, plac…

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  • Mysticallaz1973

    Pop Art

    February 6, 2014 by Mysticallaz1973

    My Rendition of POP Art,                                                                         


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  • Mysticallaz1973

    Creation of Nature

    February 1, 2014 by Mysticallaz1973

    The Pictures that I have added to this blog are however, the ones, that I have chosen . To show examples of the Creation of Nature. I am sure that you may have your own ideas, withthin the realms of life, and color.  My idea of Creation, may not be the same as you. So feel free to add your own exam…

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