Maurice Utrillo was a French artist. He is best known for his paintings of cityscapes.

Maurice Utrillo

Born on

December 26th 1883

Died on

November 5th 1955

Birth Edit

Maurice was born on December 26th 1883 in Montmarte, France to Suzanne Valadon (another significant artist) and an unknown father. Since then, he created many significant paintings of cityscapes.

2010 exhibitions and sale Edit

In 2010, several retrospective exhibitions were staged, at Oglethorpe University Museum of Art and in Montmartre(Paris) that culminated in an auction of 30 of Utrillo's works on 30 November 2010 from the collection of Paul Pétridès, Utrillo's art dealer, whose Galerie Pétridès also dealt with the likes of Jacques Thévenet. This follows the 2009 exhibition of Suzanne Valadon and Maurice Utrillo's works held in Paris in 2009.