March 6, 1475


Tuscany, Italy

Death date

February 18, 1564


High Renaissance

Michelangelo was one of the most well-known Renaissance artists of all time, known for his use of "terribilita", or awe-inspiring grandeur, often used for religious art.


In the 1490s, Michelangelo studied anatomy, which aided him greatly in his knowledge of sculpture. When he moved to Rome in 1496, he began work commissioned by the Cardinal Raffaele Riaro, who wound up rejecting his work. However, as commissioned by the French ambassador, the next year he created the Pieta at the age of only twenty-four. It is now one of the most famous sculptures of all time.

Shortly after, in 1504, he created David, another well-known sculpture of his. In 1508, he began his work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, a work he is probably best-known for in the modern day. The Sistine Chapel ceiling took him approximately four years to complete.