Oath of the Horatii is a painting by the French Neoclassical artist, Jacques-Louis David. It was painted in 1784
220px-Jacques-Louis David, Le Serment des Horaces
using oil on canvas. It depicts a Roman legend about a dispute between Rome and Alba Longa, two Italian cities. Three brothers from the Roman Horatii family agree to end the dispute by dueling a family of Alba Longa, the Curiatii. The three brothers, basically sacrificing their lives for the good of Rome, are shown saluting the father who presents three swords for them. The painting is known for its immense size, measuring in at 326 cm x 420 cm, or 128 in x 170 in. It was commissioned by King Louis XVI of France, who wished for it to be an allegory of loyalty to the state and the king. Behind the brothers and father, the sisters and mother are in silken clothes showing expressions of immense sorrow. This painting is symbolic of Neoclassicism, and it was met with widespread acclaim proving very popular with the art community. It resides in the Louvre, Paris.