Paolo Uccello, born Paolo di Dono, was a famous Itaian artist active in the Renaissance period. He was best known for his use of perspective in art
250px-Cinque maestri del rinascimento fiorentino, XVI sec, paolo uccello


Paolo Uccello was born in 1397 at the Italian town of Pratovecchio. His father was Dono di Paolo, a barber/surgeon, and his mother, Antonia, a Florentine. At the age of 10, he was apprenticed to the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. He began by painting figures and frescoes in churches, where he became friends with the great sculptor Donatello. He then branched off to paintings. In 1425, he travelled to Venice, where he worked on mosaics for churches. By this time, Uccello was making a name for himself in the art world. He continued painting many paintings in the following years, until his death in 1475 at the age of 78. He was buried at the Florentine church, Santo Spirito.