220px-Seurat-La Parade detail

Pointillism is the practice of creating an image by means of many small, distinct dot-like brush strokes. Artists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac are credited with first using this style of painting. It was a name used by critics of Seurat and the Post-Impressionist movements.

Pointillism and DivisionismEdit

The name Pointillism was coined by critics of Seuret's work, and the practice he actually wished to promote was called Divisionism. Seuret wanted to bring more structure to the impressionist style, so he developed the color theory, Divisionism. His color theory involved using small, bright dots of color of paint which when affected by optical blending, created a variety of tones.

Pointillism is much less specific that divisionism, and can refer to anything created by using tiny, dot-like strokes, including pieces in black and white color.