Self portrait young


July 15, 1606


Leiden, Dutch Republic

Death date

October 4, 1669


Dutch Golden Age Baroque

Rembrandt was a famous Dutch artist. He is arguably the most important artist of Dutch history.


Rembrandt opened an art studio in Leiden in 1624. By 1627, he was accepting students, including the later artist Gerrit Dou. In 1929, he was discovered by the famous statesman Constantijn Huygens. This connection was very important to Rembrandt because it meant he would start receiving commissions to create art for The Hague.

In 1931, he moved to Amsterdam, where he became a professional portrait artist, and he experienced great success. Not only was he skilled in self-portraits, but he also created famous portraits of his family, such as his wife Saskia in the painting, Portrait of Saskia van Ulyenberg in 1635. He also became famous for his 1642 portrait of Saskia on her deathbed as she died from tuberculosis.

Later, due to financial difficulties and living beyond his means, he became an employee of his sons' art-dealing company.