Sean Horlor (born January 11 1981) is a Canadian poet. He is the author of Made Beautiful by Use (2007), published by Signature Editions.

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Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Horlor grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria.


In 2003, Horlor collaborated with Vancouver poet Matt Rader and illustrator James Kingsley to publish Our Mission, Our Moment through Rader's publishing company, Mosquito Press. A hand-bound chapbook, Our Mission, Our Moment featured eight poetic transpositions of the speeches of George W. Bush.

His first poetry collection, Made Beautiful by Use, was published by Winnipeg-based Signature Editions in 2007. Edited by poet John Barton, the collection was described as a "a striking and, yes, beautiful set of musings on belief, sex, and power."[1]

His work also appeared in the groundbreaking Seminal: The Anthology of Canada’s Gay Male Poets (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2007), edited by poets Billeh Nickerson and John Barton.

Horlor is also a freelance writing consultant specializing in marketing communications, editorial services and technical writing.


Sean Horlor is currently working on a series of personal essays about Canada and a second collection of poetry.

Bibliography Edit

  • Our Mission, Our Moment (Mosquito Press, 2003)[2]
  • Made Beautiful by Use (Signature Editions, 2007)[3]

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