The Nude Maja (La maja desnuda) is a painting by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya, painted in approximately
1797-1800 using oil on canvas. It depicts a maja, a member of the Spanish lower class, posing nude on a bed of pillows. It is one of the first paintings to clearly depict pubic hair. The woman shown is identified to be either Pepita Tudo, a mistress of the Spanish prime minister at the time, or the 13th Duchess of Alba, with whom Goya was romantically involved with at the time. It was highly controversial with the Spanish authorities, and even the Spanish Inquisition summoned Goya to reveal who commissioned the painting. It is hung next to The Clothed Maja in the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

The Clothed MajaEdit

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Soon after The Nude Maja was painted, Goya set to work on a less controversial version of the painting, named The Clothed Maja.