The Primalists [1] is an artists' collective officially founded 15th August 2007 by Robin Croucher, Dyan Ross, Andy Watson, Louisa Price, Ben Jones, Manda Weir, Graeme Andrews, Chris Targett, Alison Hunt (in absentia) and Aisha Weir. The collective contains a variety of Visual Artists working/based in and around the Ashford, Canterbury and Folkestone radius in Kent, UK.

Free FormEdit

The group is a free form, non-subscriptive nor elitist visual arts collective, of like-minded individuals, working in the lineage of the first Academies encouraging discourse, dissent and debate amongst themselves and any other artists/individuals/collectives who wish to participate.

Ashford School of Art (UoK)Edit

Grounds of notability include movement's origins to be connected to the Ashford School of Art and Design (University of Kent). Noted culturally in the media by the Tate Britain in 2007; as part of the contemporary hub of Artistic development and endeavour within the county of Kent.


The group started very informally in the winter of 2006, with three individuals and bourbon biscuits over cups of finest coffee at Flat 11, Ashford. At that time Robin Croucher, Andy Watson and Chris Targett initiated discussions on the state of "Art" in Ashford (as well as the history of Art in the area over the last few years). Talk of responsibility and integrity, province vs. provincial arenas for Art, as well as pluralism and painting lineage(s), were also mentioned.

From this early start, fellow Artists gravitated towards the group by word of mouth to form the organic hub of the collective. After six months (through which mutual encouragement and critique of work was undertaken) the idea of re-presenting the discussion group as a collective and alternative/addition, to other Arts collective in the local area developed.

The focus of this being the idea to show and put forward work into the public arena, for debate as part of an ongoing cultural intervention, for presentation.


The name Primalist has connotations of not only the first academies, open debate (free speech) and the philosophy of education {see: Plato/Socrates/The Renaissance/Enlightenment} but also, of the dilemma (paradox) of logic versus imagination.

The focus of the name follows how 21st Century Artists deal and resolve their Gut (primal) responses in this age of reason, logic and information represented as truth; Whilst producing and discussing (Art) Painting, Sculpture or Significant Objects (such as Installation or Conceptual based work).

The Primalist is the Artist as part of society (in contrast to the "flaneur" as observer), developing and evolving after education and schooling; through ongoing social participation and growth.

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