The Son of ManEdit

Magritte TheSonOfMan

The Son of Man is a famous painting by Belgian artist René Magritte. Magritte painted it in 1964 as a self-portrait. It shows man wearing a coat and bowler hat, standing in front of a low wall. Behind him the sea and a cloudy sky. In front of his face is a green apple floating in midair, hiding most of his face. Besides his ears, only his eyes can be made out, not entirely covered up by the apple's presence. Another subtle feature is that the man's left arm appears to bend backwards at the elbow, seen by the shadow halfway up the arm. This is not seen on his other arm. It resides in a private collection.

Popular CultureEdit

It has been referenced to in the films Stranger than Fiction and (500) Days of Summer. It's most prominent cinema display, however, is in the art heist film The Thomas Crown Affair. In it, the protagonist has a copy of it in his house. He devises a plan where he and his accomplices dress up the same way as the painting. This confuses the security, allowing the character to return the painting he had previously stolen.