Hello I am new to this site, so I will have to play around with it to figure out what the posibilities our. So I will be coming back to it from time to time editing and adding posts. With any luck this will be a exciting experiance for me, as well as the people who will enjoy my blog.

Black Capped Chickadee Photo I took in 2011

Well I have been uploading images to this site, It is a bit confusing,

trying to figure out where they go, once i add them. I hope to figure this out in the future.  I will post more!!!

Paul, a friend of mine that has sufferd from skitphrania threw his whole life. A very unique individual who, has served in the Marine Core and has been to Veitnam

Rock star

Rock Star, a cool painting I did on a piece of board.


This is a Self portrait


This is a Image Edit of my Late Husband Bob Azelton


A painting of a Trout, that I did for the store owner in our Town of Waters, Mi. IGA however this store recently went out of business

My neace

Two of my Nieces , Brittney and Khayly

Mermaid 2

Reba the Mermaid

Sydney 1

Sydney a Pretty Lady I chatted to on the net.



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