At the beginning of each week, I will create a blog post about a particular artwork, giving some backround infomation and my opinions. You can discuss the painting in the comments, and give your opinion!

Rumour has it had Salvador Dalí was tired one night, staring at a block of camembert cheese slowly melting in the heat. He then had a brainwave. What if he replaced the camembert with a clock? Would that make it a melting clock?
File-The Persistence of Memory
He then decided on what his next painting would be...

The Persistence of Memory was painted in 1931. According to Dalí, the clocks represent time and memory, the ants death and the figure in the foreground himself.

So, what are your opinions? What do you think the meanings of the objects are? Was this a true masterpiece, or a talentless work that should not be famous?

Your opinions are welcome!

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