Veronica Petrie

Veronica Elizabeth Petrie Bell, mostly just called Vikki, is an artist. Vikki was born in Aberdeen in Scotland. She married Andrew Martin Bell, but eventually they split up and she is now with Graeme Fernie. Veronica has illustrated for books and magazines. She is 5ft 6, and weighs 130 lbs. She has brown hair and eyes, and pale skin. Vikki is currently 46 years old.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Veronica Petrie was born in aberdeen, in Scotland. She now lives in Stonehaven. She has two children: Lee Petrie and Jackson Bell.

She first illustrated a book about a ghost, then started drawing pictures for magazines such as Juno. Vikki has also illustrated the book Morse. Veronica is currently together with Graeme Fernie, but was formerly with Andrew Martin Bell.

Vikki is currently still living in Stonehaven and is 46 years old.


Physical Description Edit

  • Vikki has brown hair and eyes, and pale skin.
  • She is 5ft 6.
  • Veronica weighs 130 lbs.
Veronica Petrie2

Notes Edit

  • She has been through many pets, including Agnes the Kitten, Truffles the Rabbit, Koschka the Dog, and Rocky the Cat, just to name a few.

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